Cynthia Haskins

President & CEO

Cynthia Haskins joined NYAA as president and CEO on Jan. 3, 2017, bringing extensive experience in marketing, market development, management and government relations. Her NYAA responsibilities include administration, promotion and communications, grower education, market research, and public and government relations. She oversees a $3 million annual budget, and a staff of five.

Haskins has over 35 years of experience working with growers on a local, national and global scale in marketing and sales as well as industry development in the private and public sectors. Before joining NYAA, she managed business development for Illinois Farm Bureau, where she worked with producers to expand production, marketing and distribution to meet growing consumer demand for local and regional foods. She also worked on food safety issues for the organization and industry.

She previously served as president of Northern Plains Valley Potato Growers Association, where she led marketing, legislative and environmental initiatives. Haskins also worked as western/regional brand manager for The Oppenheimer Group, foodservice marketing regional manager for Washington Apple Commission, and general manager for a produce division of Continental Food Service/Sysco. She also worked for Sunkist, Dole and Missouri Department of Agriculture, and consulted for nonprofits, a regional grocery retailer, farmers and farmer groups, and others.

Haskins earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in management from the University of Phoenix.

January 2017

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