Cheery Cherry Apple Cheese Delites


EverCrisp® apple slices with a dot of cherry jam topped with crumbled Parmesan cheese crisp is an unexpected combination that heightens the sweetness, tang, and sharp nutty flavors in this two-bite appetizer. Don’t let the ease of this appetizer fool you, they will be gone in a split second!


  • 1 NY EverCrisp® apples, sliced into half moons
  • 1/3 cup cherry jam
  • ½ cup Parmesan crisps, crumbled
  • 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh cilantro or mint leaves


  1. Arrange apple slices on a serving dish or cheese board.
  2. Dot each apple slice with a one teaspoon of cherry jam.
  3. Liberally sprinkle each slice with crumbled Parmesan crisps and finish with a light dash of fresh herbs.