State’s apple fans asked to donate to Webster firefighter fund, food bank as part of NYAA’s marathon support

Fishers, N.Y. – As part of its sponsorship of this year’s ING New York City Marathon, New York Apple Association (NYAA) is inviting New York state apple fans to support two worthy local causes as part of this year’s ING New York City Marathon: the West Webster Volunteer Firemen’s Association, and Feeding America.

New York state’s famous McIntosh has been designated the Official Apple of the 2013 ING New York City Marathon. NYAA will provide more than 90,000 McIntosh apples for the marathon and related events.

Fundraising to support Webster firefighters, Feeding America

NYAA chose two charities to support this year because of their links to the New York state community. The Webster, N.Y. Fire Department suffered tragedy on Christmas Eve last year when two firefighters were killed and two were injured in an ambush.

Feeding America member food banks in New York state and other affected areas helped feed victims of Hurricane Sandy after its storm surge hit here on Oct. 29. NYAA provided over 200,000 apples to support that effort.

“Both of these disasters unfolded right in our backyard, and both groups were at their Ground Zeros, so we are honored to thank them in this small way,” said NYAA President Jim Allen. “Our growers lost much of their livelihoods to bad weather last year too, we could certainly identify with Sandy’s victims.”

To donate, visit NYAA’s CrowdRise page at For more information about the West Webster Firemen’s Association fund, visit For more information about Feeding America, visit

NYAA’s sponsorship includes providing apples, hosting runners

Fundraising is just one of the ways that NYAA is celebrating this year’s marathon. As a Supporting Sponsor, the association will also provide 90,680 McIntosh apples to be distributed to marathon finishers on Nov. 3, as well as at for the Poland Spring Marathon Kick-off on Oct. 27, the Marathon Eve Dinner and the Dash to the Finish Line 5K race on Nov. 2.

“This is a natural fit for us because New York is famous for our marathon and our apples, especially McIntosh,” said NYAA’s Allen. “To top it off, apples are a great post-exercise food because they are loaded with fiber, vitamins and phytonutrients. The pectin in apples slows release of the apple’s natural sugars, refueling muscles without a sugar spike. “

NYAA is encouraging participants to “Munch a McIntosh” by supplying apples, and by advertising in the race’s runner handbook, check-in goodie bag, event program and race results edition. To follow NYAA’s marathon-related activities, like the association’s Facebook page at

NYAA also receives guaranteed race entries as part of its sponsorship, which the association in turn makes available to first responders and military personnel. Since 2001, NYAA has sponsored more than 80 runners.

“We are glad to have this opportunity to give back to our community, support a healthy event and talk up our state’s great apples at the same time,” said Allen.