NYAA Sponsors Oct. 24 Big Apple Crunch Event, "The Bite Heard ‘Round the World"

Note to editors: NYAA is proud to sponsor today’s (Oct. 24) Big Apple Crunch event, designed to get New Yorkers thinking about healthy eating. NYAA President Jim Allen participated in today’s event at the Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket. The following press release is from GrowNYC:

New York, N.Y. – New Yorkers will join GrowNYC and the City of New York today for the second annual “Big Apple Crunch,” NYC’s Food Day event where New Yorkers will try to beat last year’s record of having the “most participants in an apple-crunching event.” RecordSetter.com will be tracking NYC’s progress towards the record.

New Yorkers will be crunching throughout the day, including at the Big Apple Crunch (www.bigapplecrunch.org) kick off at GrowNYC’s Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket. Crunches can take place at any time or location on Oct. 24, Food Day. More than 250 organizations and groups have registered to participate to date, including schools, afterschool programs, senior centers, farmers markets, food stores and workplaces.

As part of the third annual Food Day, the “Big Apple Crunch” is a way to get New Yorkers thinking about healthy eating. The official fruit of New York State, apples are a nutritious, seasonal food that grows plentifully in our region.

The New York Apple Association is sponsoring the Big Apple Crunch, including a donation of 2,500 apples which GrowNYC will give out to Crunchers at Greenmarkets and Youthmarkets across the five boroughs. To find other Crunch celebrations throughout the City, go to www.bigapplecrunch.org.

Crunch highlights:

  • NYC Department of Education is offering New York State apples with all school meals today
  • City Harvest is distributing 50,000 pounds of apples today
  • ‘wichcraft sandwich shops are handing out free apples at each of their 12 locations
  • The NYC Department of Correction will host Crunches reaching a total of 16,000 inmates and employees
  • Wellness in Schools provided resources for teachers on our website and organized 13 Crunches of 100 participants each!
  • CAMBA afterschool programs will Crunch with more than 2,000 public school students
  • Tonight FoodSystems NYC is hosting “New York Apples and the Growing Hard Cider Industry: A panel discussion” at 61 Local in Brooklyn.

“Our administration has partnered closely with stores, schools and community organizations to make the healthy choice the easy choice,” said Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs. “New York City is home to fresh, nutritious and affordable food including accessible fruit and vegetables — today’s event is an excellent reminder to enjoy a crisp New York apple on a beautiful fall day.”

“Today is Big Apple Crunch, a day-wide celebration of healthy food right here in the five boroughs,” said Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. “I love this Greenmarket, and I love the high-quality fruits and vegetables; whether using cash or EBT cards, we have access to some of the best food in the world at our farmers markets. Thank you for ‘crunching!’”

“Participating in the Big Apple Crunch brings New Yorkers of all ages together to celebrate healthy, seasonal eating by snacking on a fruit that grows abundantly in New York State,” said Kim Kessler, the City’s Food Policy Coordinator. “We work every day to promote healthy eating for all New Yorkers, and it’s fantastic to see so many partners – including schools, city agencies, youth programs, hospitals and more – joining in for this celebratory event.”

“New York apple growers are very pleased to be able to support such a great event in New York City: Big Apple Crunch,” said Jim Allen, President of New York Apple Association. “With millions of branches near you, we supply you with great tasting New York State grown apples!”

“Food Day is an opportunity to honor our farmers and our food. We are lucky here in NYC to have access to some of the freshest, healthiest, tastiest food in the world, which you can find at our 54 Greenmarkets around the city. The Big Apple Crunch is a simple gesture with a significant impact,” said GrowNYC Executive Director Marcel Van Ooyen, “We’re grateful to the Department of Education, Kim Kessler, the City’s Food Policy Coordinator, and LG for making the Big Apple Crunch a Big success!”

Big Apple Crunch is sponsored by NYAA and Edible Manhattan, our media sponsor. Hosts: GrowNYC, NYC Food Policy Office, Food Day. Partners: City Harvest, RecordSetter.com, Food Systems Network of NYC, Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, ‘wichcraft, Slow Food and Hip Hop Public Health.