NYAA Announces Apple Tree Blooming Statewide

Fishers, N.Y., May 9, 2018 – Here’s a sure sign of spring: More than 11 million apple trees across New York State are beginning to bloom! Each year at this time the New York Apple Association (NYAA) announces the start of bloom season on behalf of NYAA members — the 500 commercial apple growers of New York state who produce, on average, 29.5 million bushels of apples annually, making New York the second largest apple-producing state in the U.S. 

“Temperatures have warmed enough statewide to coax blossoms from their winter sleep,” said NYAA President Cynthia Haskins. 

Consumer Bloom Press Release Board of Directors“Apple orchards are turning into seas of pink buds opening into white flowers. It is a sight to see!” Blossoms are currently appearing in the Hudson Valley followed by those in western New York and the Lake Champlain area. 

“The different regions of the state are usually no more than 10 days apart from each other in the process,” said Haskins. “The bloom season will be over with soon so get out and see what makes New York apples spectacular!” 

New York is often called ‘Apple Country’ by those who know and love great tasting apples. Why? Because apples grown here are truly special. “New York apples have a character and a distinct flavor that comes from nature and the right conditions coming together in just the right way,” said Haskins, adding “…no other part of the country has quite what New York has when it comes to an ideal mix of climate, geography and rich glacial soils – the essential ingredients needed to create the extraordinary flavor of a New York apple.” 

In all, 26 new and classic New York apple varieties are grown in New York (including some varieties that are exclusive to New York) and are sold at retail. Dozens of other varieties commonly referred to as “heirloom” varieties are also grown here and are available at farm markets and at you-pick orchards. “It’s likely that New York grows more varieties than other states but one thing we know for sure is there’s a New York apple for every palate!” added Haskins. 

With growing regions across the state you can likely find bloom scenery in your area. Visit the NYAA website at www.nyapplecountry.com and use the locator map on the home page to enter your zip code and preferred travel radius and find an orchard near you. In the fall, this locator map is also a great resource for finding cideries, farm markets and you pick orchards near you. Enjoy the bloom season this Mother’s Day with a drive through Apple Country and watch for local apple blossom festivals along the way!