New York Apple Association Announces Start of Apple Blossom Season

The New York Apple Association (NYAA) announces the start of apple blossom season in New York. Blossoms are starting to open on the more than 11 million apple trees statewide, making bloom the unofficial start of apple season in New York. Much like the fall foliage season, this brief but spectacular natural occurrence rolls out across the state and is a much-anticipated sight to behold.

“Mother’s Day weekend is typically when we expect to see the first blossoms appear,” said NYAA President Cynthia Haskins. “The different regions of the state are usually no more than 10 days apart from each other in the process.”

NYAA announces bloom annually on behalf of its membership, the 600 commercial apple growers of New York who produce roughly 29.5 million bushels of apples annually. Together, New York apple growers make New York the second largest apple-producing state in the U.S. and enable New York to maintain a leadership role in the industry.

“Apple blossom is always an exciting time because it represents a budding new crop,” said Haskins. “This year’s bloom is right on track with its perennial schedule.”

New York apple grower hundreds of varieties sold at farm markets and you pick orchards and they offer retailers across the country one of the widest arrays of varieties on the market today. All varieties have New York’s signature flavor and color and are pleasing picks for snacking, baking, cooking and more. Some of the earliest season varieties are typically Jersey Mac, Ginger Gold, Paula Red, Jonamac and Zestar followed by favorites like McIntosh, Gala, Honeycrisp and more.

With growing regions across the state, it’s likely you can find bloom scenery in your area. Visit the NYAA website at and use the locator map on the home page to enter your zip code and preferred travel radius to find an orchard near you. In the fall, this locator map is also a great resource for finding cideries, farm markets and you-pick orchards.