Donation brings apple industry’s local support for American Cancer Society to $118,999

Fishers, N.Y. – The New York state apple industry has donated $10,806 to the American Cancer Society®’s (ACS) Central New York Region to fight cancer, while raising awareness of apples’ cancer-fighting potential. The 2013 donation brings the industry’s total contributions to ACS’s local office to $118,999 since 2000.

This year’s funds, presented by the New York Apple Association (NYAA) staff to ACS officials in November, were raised via sales of New York state apples, cider and applesauce at the New York State Fair held this fall. The sauce was donated by Mott’s.

“The American Cancer Society has been a proud partner of the New York Apple Association for many years,” said Martha Ryan, ACS director of health systems initiatives. “The Great New York State Fair is the highlight of the summer for nearly 1 million visitors, and stopping by to grab an apple or some juice is a ‘must do’ for many of those visitors.”

“Thanks to the funds raised through this event, the American Cancer Society is able to provide help and resources 24 hours a day to those in our community facing a devastating cancer diagnosis,” she noted.

“We are glad to have this opportunity to give back to our local community, our industry has so much to be thankful for this year,” said Jim Allen, NYAA president. New York state apples returned to local markets in force this fall after a banner harvest; the industry had been devastated by bad weather in 2012.