Apples are big New York state news, here are 6 reporting tips

New York state really is the Big Apple! Our growers produce more apples than any other state east of the Mississippi River – only Washington state grows more apples than we do. Apples are the state’s largest fruit crop, and a top-five agricultural product.

The 2016 New York state apple harvest is now getting underway. To help you cover it and the industry, here are six tips from New York Apple Association (NYAA):

  1. Get the statewide picture: How many growers grow apples here? How many acres do they farm? How many people do we employ? See our website FAQs.
  2. Focus on flavor: New York state has a perfect climate for apple growing, so we grow a wide range of varieties, old and new. View our website variety section.
  3. Localize the story: Apples are grown across most of New York state. That said, we know that all news is local – good news, we have millions of local branches near you. Here’s how to localize this story to your area: To find out if apples are grown in your area, view our website FAQs. To find local growers, cider makers and farm markets by typing your zip code into our handy locator map.
  4. Ask us your questionsWhat questions do we get asked most often? What’s happening in the orchard this month? Who can you interview in your area?
  5. Look beyond the obvious story: We are more than great taste and good looks. There are lots of interesting apple stories to cover. Some suggestions: Our apples are product innovators; apple growing and packing are high technology; hard cider is booming in New York state; an apple a day — or better, yet, two! — really can keep the doctor away. Find more ideas here, and check out our press release archive
  6. Add photos and video to your story: We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and consumers loooove video. Access our online image library and our YouTube videos.

The New York state apple industry is year-round news. Make NYAA your source for information and contacts about New York state apples, apple products and the apple industry. Visit our website for even more information, and like us on Facebook.