Facts and Figures About New York State Apples

Where do all those great New York State apples come from, and where do they go? Learn these and other interesting facts about our industry.

New York’s National Rank in Apple Production

New York really is the Big Apple

New York is the second-largest apple producing state in the country.

(Source: USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, annual Non-citrus Fruits and Nuts Summary)

Average Annual Production

That’s a lot of apples!

New York State averages 29.5 million bushels of production annually.

(Source: USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Non-citrus Fruits and Nuts Summary, various years)

Growing Regions and Acreage

New York State apples are grown on about 55,000 acres, in six major production districts around the entire state:

  • Champlain Valley
  • Eastern Hudson Valley
  • Western Hudson Valley
  • Central
  • Lake Country
  • Niagara Frontier

(Source: USDA 2007 Agricultural Census)

Grower Numbers

Meet your local grower

There are approximately 600 commercial apple growers in New York State.

Industry Employment

We grow jobs, too

The New York apple industry provides employment for thousands of New Yorkers, both directly and indirectly:

  • Direct agricultural jobs (e.g., growing, harvesting, packing, etc.)
  • Indirect jobs involved with fruit handling, distribution, marketing and exports
  • Thousands of other indirect jobs including agricultural supplies (equipment, crop protection and services), financial services and apple processing