East of the Mississippi River, there’s a big difference between apple cider and apple juice. While cider is made by freshly pressing local apples for immediate sale, juice is a bit more complex.

How juice is made:

  • Most of the apple juice sold in the United States today is made from concentrate imported from other countries.
  • Water is added to the syrupy concentrate to reconstitute it to “single strength”.
  • Only a small amount of juice sold here is pressed from U.S. apples. The pressed juice is filtered to remove apple solids, heat treated to be shelf stable and food safe, and packaged in bottles or juice packs. Juice containers can be stored at room temperature until opened, then should be refrigerated.

New York state apples that are pressed for juice end up in some of your favorite juice brands.

Request “Made in New York”

Since the 1990s, most of the apple juice sold in the United States is made from imported concentrate. To find out where your apple juice came from, read the ingredients statement. If you and your family would rather drink apple juice made from New York State and other U.S. apples, contact your favorite juice brand and/or retailer.