New York State is well known for our delicious fresh-market apples, with literally hundreds of varieties to choose from. But did you know that our fruit is also in your favorite cider, juice, sauce and other apple foods?

Almost half of the apples we grow here in New York State are processed into apple products. Our apples are some of the most versatile foods on the planet!

New York State Apple Cider

The New York State apple industry has a long history of apple farming – and cider making! Cider is freshly pressed, not filtered, not fermented – think of it as drinking your apple. Cider lovers can also be completely confident in the safety of New York State cider.

New York State Specialty Ciders

Fresh-pressed apple cider is nectar of the gods to begin with – then specialty cider makers take it one step further with flavor blends and variety-specific ciders.

New York State Apple Juice

A kid favorite, apple juice is filtered and processed to be shelf stable. Do you know where your apple juice comes from?

New York State Apple Sauce

Applesauce makes a great side dish or dessert, and is a versatile recipe ingredient. You may be surprised at the variety of sauces on the market today!

New York State Hard Apple Cider

A staple of the colonial diet and before Prohibition, hard (alcoholic) cider is enjoying a renaissance today.

Slices and Other New York State Apple Products

Our apples also appear as many other foods, including fresh-cut slices, frozen slices, canned pie filling and even apple cider vinegar.

We’re proud of our processors

New York State is home to some of the country’s largest apple processors. So much of the juice, sauce and other apple products sold across the United States is made by companies with deep New York State roots.